Finger Buffet & Fork Buffet

Jackson's Finger Platters

Menu A


Selection of freshly prepared sandwiches
Wholemeal, granary and white bread sandwiches, cut into quarters. Beautifully arranged and garnished.

Finger platter
Vegetable crudités with various dips – chicken bites – cocktail sausage rolls – mini sausages – free range scotch eggs – pork pies – cheese and pineapple sticks – Royal Greenland shell on prawns. All garnished with seasonal fresh fruit and salad.

Southern fried chicken
Arranged on a bed of salad leaves with a honey and mustard dip.

Mixed basket of potato crisps

Menu B


Selection of French baguettes
Variety of white and malted grain filled baguettes cut into bite sized pieces and garnished with seasonal fruit

Chicken Tikka split sticks
Arranged on a bed of salad leaves with a yoghurt and mint dressing

Selection of meat or vegetarian quiche triangles

Crispy prawn parcels

With a lemon dip

Authentic vegetable samosas (v)

Cool tortilla chips with a hot salsa dip (v)

Vegetable crudités and cheese and herb straws (v)
With a selection of dips

Selection of seasonal fresh fruit

Beautifully arranged and garnished

Menu C


Organic poppy seed rolls
A range of white and wholemeal rolls filled with Jackson's classic sandwich fillings. Beautifully arranged and garnished.

Finger platter
As in Menu A - plus a basket of Tyrrell's potato chips.

Feta and spinach goujons (v)
Arranged on a bed of mixed salad leaves with a guacamole dip

Authentic onion bhajis (v)
With a yoghurt and mint dip and a lemon dip

Skewered, breaded chicken fillets

Crispy vegetable parcels (v)
Light crispy pastry filled with carrot, cabbage, leek and red pepper

Cocktail vol-au-vents
Various meat, fish and vegetarian fillings

Mini dessert selection or selection of seasonal fresh fruit
Beautifully arranged and garnished.


Jackson's Fork Buffet

Menu A


Tortilla wraps
Selection of flour, tomato and spinach wraps with a range of spicy fillings

Small open bagels
Topped with smoked salmon and watercress, brie and cranberry or bacon and egg mayonnaise

Chargrilled chicken fillet saté
Arranged on a bed of salad leaves with a peanut dip

Freshly prepared Jackson's pasta salad
Pasta bound with mayonnaise, chopped onions, sweetcorn and peppers with a choice of toppings

Authentic vegetable pakoras (v)
With a pakora sauce

Crushed filo coated king prawns
With a lemon dip

Monterey jack cheese and onion goujons (v)

Choice of desserts
From the mini dessert selection - please see 'And for Afters'

Menu B


Cornets of freshly sliced meats
With a range of speciality breads and butter

Italian ciabatta rolls
With various fillings

Red Thai chicken skewers
Chicken breast pieces marinated in authentic Thai spices on a paddle skewer

Italian stone baked pizza
Vegetarian or meat

Selection of fresh salads

Japanese style breaded torpedo prawns
On a bed of mixed leaves with a lemon dip

Skewered vegetable satay (v)

Selection of seasonal fresh fruit
Beautifully arranged and garnished

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