Boardroom & Executive Buffet Lunch

Boardroom Buffet Lunch


Organic poppy seed rolls
Filled with smoked salmon and watercress. Served with fresh lemon wedges.

Freshly baked French croissants
With fillings like cheese and celery, prawn and mayonnaise, brie and grape and ham and dijon mustard

Skewered chicken yakatori
Marinated in a Japanese yakatori sauce

Mini Yorkshire puddings
Filled with roast beef and red onions bound with a creamy horseradish sauce

Crudités and dip (v)
Vegetable crudités, mini pitta breads and cheese and herb straws with a selection of tsatsiki, avocado and houmous dips

Duck and hoisin spring rolls

Chicken Caesar mixed salad
Mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, red onion, sweetcorn, celery, mixed peppers and a sprinkling of Horlick's mature cheddar cheese - topped with slices of chicken in a Caesar dressing

Lemongrass chicken sticklers

Smoked or peppered mackerel fillet goujons
With a horseradish dip

English and Continental Cheese Board
With celery, grapes, butter dishes and after dinner mints

Executive Buffet Lunch



Continental pates
Served with crispy bread


Avocado with prawns
With a Marie Rose dressing


Smoked salmon cornets
With shell on prawns and fresh lemon wedges

Main Course

Fresh seafood platter

With speciality breads, butter dishes and a salad garnish


Cornets of freshly sliced meats
With specialty breads, butter dishes and a salad garnish

Selection of freshly prepared sandwiches
On wholemeal, granary and white bread

Lime and coriander chicken kebabs

Finger platter
Vegetable crudités with various dips – chicken bites – cocktail sausage rolls – mini sausages – free range scotch eggs – pork pies – cheese and pineapple sticks - Tyrrell's potato chips - Royal Greenland shell on prawns. All garnished with seasonal fresh fruit and salad.

Carrot and coriander goujons (v)

On a bed of mixed salad leaves with a sour cream and chive dip

Mediterranean tomato and feta cheese salad (v)

Green leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese and black and green olives drizzled with olive oil

Medley of authentic Indian snacks (v)

On a bed of leaves with a yoghurt and mint dip

Tortilla chips and hot salsa dip (v)


Anything from the 'And for Afters' menu

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