Create Your Own Buffet

Selection of freshly prepared sandwiches
On wholemeal, granary and white bread

Cornets of freshly sliced meats
With a range of speciality breads

French baguettes
With classic Jackson's sandwich fillings

Scottish smoked salmon
With Philadelphia cream cheese, watercress and cracked black pepper

Flour, tomato, or spinach tortilla wraps with fillings

Italian ciabatta or focaccia rolls
With various fillings

Freshly baked French croissants

Organic poppy seed rolls
With classic Jackson's sandwich fillings

Small open bagels
With meat, fish and vegetarian fillings

Hoagie deli rolls
Wholemeal rolls with cracked, malted wheat grains. Various fillings.

Mixed seafood plater
Smoked salmon cornets, crayfish, king prawns and smoked and peppered mackerel fillets

Finger platter
With various dips and potato chips

Italian stone baked pizzas
Meat or vegetarian

Cocktail vol-vents
Meat, fish or vegetarian

Various quiche triangles

French canapé selection
(minimum order)

Smoked salmon canapé selection
(minimum order)

Mini duck and hoisin spring rolls

Savoury crolines

Crispy mini Yorkshire puddings
With roast beef, horseradish and red onion

Chicken Selection

Chicken tikka split sticks

Skewered chicken yakatori

Luxury fillet chicken satay

Sweet chilli mini chicken kebabs

Lime and coriander mini chicken kebabs

Red Thai chicken skewers

Lemongrass or tomato and chilli sticklers

Thai chicken selection

Southern fried chicken

Breaded chicken fillets

Plain chicken drumsticks

Fish Selection

Skewered tempura prawns

Crispy prawn purses

Japanese style torpedo breaded prawns

Butterfly king prawns

Crushed filo coated king prawns

Smoked and peppered mackerel goujons

Hot and spicy king prawns

Marinaded roast salmon skewers

Smoked salmon skewer selection

Lemongrass marinated king prawn skewers

Smoked salmon cornets and lemon wedges

Vegetarian Selection

Feta and spinach goujons

Oriental spring rolls

Monterey Jack cheese and onion goujons

Authentic vegetable samosas

Authentic vegetable pakoras

Authentic onion bhajis

Nacho cheese pequitos

Crispy vegetable parcels

Skewered vegetable satay

Carrot and coriander goujons
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